The aim of Hearts Ablaze Ministry LLC is to stir the heart of each person, setting it entirely ablaze for God. It serves as a signpost, pointing you to God and propelling you into a dynamic, passionate, and fiery relationship with Him. We realize that the hustle and bustle of life often distract us from what really matters! Hearts Ablaze Ministry is uniquely designed to offer you a wonderful experience in God’s presence through its conferences/seminars and retreats. It also provides you with the keys to live the abundant life on an ongoing basis. You’ll see that fire, once flickering or almost extinguished by the cares of life, reignited and replaced with a passionate love for God burning in your heart. All this awaits you at Hearts Ablaze Ministry, designed with you in mind. An atmosphere conducive for garnering God’s presence and His love flowing through each Hearts Ablaze Ministry Team Member, work together to provide you with a life changing, inimitable time at our conferences, seminars and retreats.

At Hearts Ablaze Ministry we come alongside people, helping them to live that abundant, passionate and fulfilling life God has provided. The enemy of our soul is always seeking ways to destroy or to rob us of our destinies. It is wonderful to know that God has equipped each of His children with all that he/she needs to take an offensive stance. He expects us to go forth boldly, seizing and occupying the territory that has been allotted to us. No longer must we leave anything that is ours in the hands of the enemy! Hearts Ablaze Ministry encourages and helps equip each one to rise up. With blazing hearts, holding steadfastly to God – we will do as Matt 11:12 says: violently take all that is ours (that abundant and fulfilling life), by force. Let’s journey together!

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Check out our Podcast: Hearts Ablaze Corner on iTunes. Visit the iTunes Store and Subscribe (free)  to the Hearts Ablaze Corner podcast. You can also download the STITCHER app, for use with both Apple and non-Apple devices. Twice each week, there are new episodes. This program encourages listeners to live the optimal life. There is a way to handle the cares of life without becoming overwhelmed and discouraged. We’ll talk about living our lives on the winning side, and seeing our destinies wonderfully realized.