About Us

Mission Statement

Hearts Ablaze Ministry - LLC exists to stoke the fire of God in your life, setting you thoroughly ablaze to live the abundant, fruitful and victorious life God has prepared for you. You will live above all the obstacles and hindrances thrown in your direction, undeterred by the trials and adversities of life!


Headquartered in New Jersey, Hearts Ablaze Ministry LLC is a professional services organization, with one agenda: to see powerful transformation in lives. We will help you break the invisible chains so that your life is one of pressing into God and enjoying Him, passionately. You will be able to recognize divine opportunities, take hold of them, and surmount obstacles without fear and anxiety. We will encourage and help to equip you by ministering life, so that you can be set free of yokes and fetters, finally able to live that optimal life God has prepared for you. Hearts Ablaze Ministry draws upon the diverse backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and skills of the Ministry Team. This is seen and experienced in our worshp, intercession, ministry of the Word and personal ministry. It is this blend and diversity which enable us to offer excellence and witness fruitfulness in the services we provide you. Since 2006, we have been conducting retreats, holding conferences and seminars. The “Testimonials” section, gives you a glimpse into the experiences of some participants.

Hearts Ablaze Ministry Team

Joy Payne is the Founder and President of Hearts Ablaze Ministry LLC. She is a sought after conference speaker, preacher and teacher. She exhorts people to live passionate, whole and fulfilling lives. Joy was instrumental in the launch of a thriving Women’s Ministry in Portland, Maine. She also leads conferences and retreats, which focus on healing and wholeness, and exhorts men and women to step into their calling. Joy has numerous years of experience in the areas of inner healing and liberation and is a practitioner in the eastern United States. A passionate intercessor, Joy directs the ministry of intercession at Christ Church in New Jersey, a multi-racial church with thousands of members. She also collaborates with churches, both domestically and internationally, in the area of intercession. Her qualifications and diverse experience include high school teacher, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Author. She worked in the financial industry for 26 years, garnering tremendous leadership and organizational skills, now being released into the many encountering her life and ministry. She resides with her husband in New Jersey, USA.

Team Members: Each Hearts Ablaze Team Member has rigorous training in the art of intercession, and at least ten years experience in this area. Many are also very experienced in the areas of inner healing and liberation. Members serve based on giftings and love and compassion for people. Excellence and confidentiality are components of this organization’s motto. Strict adherence is required.