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Hearts Ablaze’s Monthly Declaration(s):

Posted on by Joy

January… 2 C0r 9:8  ”Even now, God is making all grace, all favor and earthly blessing come in ABUNDANCE to me. These shall not be siphoned off or stolen from me. I am neither worried nor anxious. Instead, I rejoice, as in Christ Jesus I KNOW that I have complete sufficiency in every single thing.”

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Designed for Success

Posted on by Joy

It’s so good to know that man was designed for success! We really are! The problem is that many have died without realizing that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, and made to succeed. In order to see this intricate design in action, we have to stop behaving as if we are responsible for the design. I wear shoes, but I’m no shoemaker! I love my watch, but I certainly did not design it. I was looking at man’s circulatory system being explained in great detail, two weeks ago. I stood in awe!!! Which human being could design just that one system, operating even as I type these words? How then can I pretend to understand and take control of this glorious, complex, intricate design called: MY LIFE? Yet, we do so all the time. It tends to be our default, this taking ownership and living as if we have all the answers.

When we stop striving and stressing in our vain attempts to determine the course of our lives, relying on limited knowledge and abilities, we often feel powerless. This is the point where many settle for discouragement, depression, frustration, bitterness, and a plethora of negative speech and behavior. It felt as if everything we knew and in which we trusted, everything which had contributed to varying degrees of success in our life, was capsizing. The bottom was falling out, or so it felt! Things as you knew them, were changing and this faster than you could comprehend.

I remember this time so well in my life. It was a little more than twenty years ago. I had spent lots of time learning the language of Corporate America. I was a good student and knew how to apply knowledge. I did so, effortlessly! It was admired by my many. You see, in this environment, success meant (in addition to expertise in one’s skill sets) confidence, cloistered pride and the right balance of “selfishness”! I became quite familiar with these requirements and executed well, with rave reviews, until God came calling!!!


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Hearts Ablaze Buzz

Posted on by Joy

The video link at the end of this article, is of a ministry called Hearts Ablaze, where many women and sometimes men gather for a time of intense, intimate prayer to God. In doing so, many are being set free –emotionally, physically and spiritually.

My own experience with this ministry was when I was struggling with knowing whether or not I had forgiven someone from past hurts. The woman of God, Joy Payne, founder of Hearts Ablaze, led us to the altar to pray. She asked us to release any bitterness or forgiveness in our heart to God. I wanted my heart and my conscious clear, so, I went up to pray.

During the prayer time, I said, “God, I forgive the best way I know how. But, how can I know for sure I have forgiven in my heart?” After a few moments, I felt what I can only describe as Velcro being removed from my heart. Something lifted off of my heart. I heard “You are forgiven.” You see, in the Bible (Mathew 6:15), we are only forgiven, when we have truly forgiven someone else. So, God assured me of the position of my heart in this matter. I cried and felt nothing but pure joy! I was truly elated!

Enjoy the video and hear what others are saying about the power of prayer through this ministry and know that whatever situation you are facing – God is listening and responding to your prayers as you commune with Him.


Please check out: http://thesolesofmyfeet.com/ for many more interesting and relevant articles.

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Posted on by Joy

(Excerpt from: Out of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated by God)

Abba, Father, I magnify Your wonderful Name. When I consider You and the love You “shower” upon me, I want to do more than say “Abba!” Let Your life touch every atom in my body and infuse them with Your life, rejuvenating and making new.

When I let the words “Abba/Papa” roll off my tongue, I feel Your love suffusing my entire being. A love, which bubbles over so that I must pass it on. I must share it with my brothers, sisters, friends, the poor, the wealthy, the proud, the humble, the persecuted, those seeking answers and even with strangers. Abba, this sharing of Your love must be more than a verbal testimony. Let it be so visible, so tangible that all to whom You lead me, would themselves come face-to-face and heart-to-heart with Your awesome love. They must feel it emanating through this temple You have chosen to inhabit….

Please check out the book “Out Of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated By God,” if you desire to read more.

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MP3′s & Videos Available

Posted on by Joy

Please check out our Product Page for the long awaited MP3′s and Videos. Enjoy!!!

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Let Your Fire Fall!

Posted on by Joy

Please enjoy this excerpt from: Out Of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated By God

My Wonderful God, Savior and Friend, my burning desire is to know You, experientially. Teach me how. I do not want to live in a static or stagnant mode. I want to pursue You with everything within me and to be branded radical, a fool for God, and a bond servant to You, the One Who loves me so intensely. Like holy fire fell on the disciples in the Upper Room, let Your fire fall upon me. Revolutionize my life. I want a fiery heart, one that is always ablaze, carrying Your Presence and changing the atmosphere. I want to see fires break out and lives changed, wherever You send me. Through fire baptized disciples of the first century, heaven invaded earth! It was evident that the Kingdom of God had come. My God, please use my life in the same manner. In all that I think, say and do, let it be a powerful heaven invasion, rupturing the status quo and healing people, setting them free – bringing life where there is death; light where there is darkness; fullness where emptiness once reigned. Let Your anointing flow in such measures that demons have to flee instantaneously. My life belongs to You, my Master and my King. Use it up! I want no wastage. Let me be spent on You, doing Your business and seeing an awesome expansion of Your Kingdom. Here I am, Lord. Fill me! Send me! Use me! Let Your fire fall!

How we need the fire of God to fall upon us, today. There is an urgency, as darkness continues to proliferate. Let’s not stop praying for that Holy Ghost fire to fall upon us, the Church! There is work to be done!

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Work In Me

Posted on by Joy

Enjoy this excerpt from the book: Out of Solitude-Passion! A Heart Captivated By God

My God, I need You to uproot, to break up the clod, preparing my heart for all the seed You desire to sow.

As I wait in Your Presence, let the fallow ground be broken up, let every toxic thing be removed. Every man-made structure – whether defensive or offensive, demolish them, Lord!

By Your hand only, let my innermost parts be fashioned. Rip out every vestige of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, rage, strife, violence, gossip, slander and fear. Let these not find a lodging place within me!

Lord, I am Your temple, set apart for Your use. You must be comfortable, here. Remove all that grieves You and bring forth a clean, holy vessel – one who honors You, in every way!


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MP 3′s Now Available

Posted on by Joy

Many have been patiently waiting for the Hearts Ablaze Corner and/or Conference messages to be made available. Finally, they are being updated to the site. Please check out the Product Page for recent messages, in MP3 and video formats. We are in the process of updating the site with a backlog of messages, so try to check in frequently! Enjoy!

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Turn My Captivity (fr. Ps 126)

Posted on by Joy

There are times when you may feel that you have been sowing, watering your seed with copious tears, and you have not yet moved into your reaping season. The poem below, Turn My Captivity, is posted to ecourage you. As you look to your God and continue sowing, believing Him every step of the way, you will see divine turn arounds. Remember, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our God is faithful and has never broken one covenant!  

Turn My Captivity

Turn my captivity, O Lord –  

Turn it to songs of joy and laughter.

You are my Defender, my Peace,  

my Everything.  

You are very present in the midst of every storm.

I stand, today, knowing that I am not alone.

You are with me, accomplishing amazing things

on my behalf!

So, I rest… I simply rest,

and I wait  with total confidence in You,  

with inexhaustible, overflowing hope.

You have said, “the battle is Mine!”

You have demonstrated over and over again:

how much You love me,            

how You never tire of rejoicing over me,

how jealous You are over me.          

So, today, I lay down every need –  

Expecting Your faithfulness,          

Expecting Your abundant supply,        

Expecting Your timely response, to      

Every situation, every person, every decision,

I encounter.

Thank You for every divine turn-around,

My Father and My God!  

I expect every invisible chain or yoke to fly loose

in my life,                              

I expect the exceeding abundantly above all I can

think and ask,

to invade and totally permeate, every area of my life

I celebrate You, Lord…

Knowing that I cannot and shall not be disappointed!


A blessed Christmas to you all!!! :-)

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Stop Worrying!

Posted on by Joy

Isa 40:28 “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; His understanding is unsearchable.” (ESV)

Let’s consider the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy and many in North Eastern USA still reeling from its effects. Faith tells me the verse above is God’s Word and because it is the Word of God, it is absolutely true! This means that God, the everlasting God, the awesome Creator is in control, at all times! He did not create then set His creation aside to immerse Himself in more important business, which rules out any imaginable recess period(s). No, He cares about each one of us and delights in being involved in every aspect of our lives. It helps to remember that God, our Creator, never slumbers. He never grows weary. He is Omniscient and doesn’t want us to expend energy “figuring” out our lives, wasting days, years, even decades trying to find explanations for adversities or difficulties we encounter along life’s journey. We have to trust our Maker, Who knows everything about our design and what would bring about optimum results as we operate. When a product fails to function according to its design, we contact the Maker/ Designer/Creator for the fix. It’s no different for humans – straight to the Creator we should run and let Him do what it pleases Him to do. For example:

  1. Provide Peace – Who am I to question the Creator when things happen that I cannot understand or explain? Why give in to agitation and bitterness? I must rest in knowing that He has created, He controls and every single moment of the day, His glorious plan is unfolding.
  2. Provide Comfort – Amidst every difficulty, God is able to make His Presence felt. Oftentimes we are so busy worrying and “stressing” about tomorrow, we miss His Presence entirely and we fail to receive His comfort. So, pause today and enjoy God’s Presence and comfort. He’ll wipe your tears away and strengthen you, even as He comforts.
  3. Bring joy from pain – I’ve tasted and seen over and over again, how purposeful Elohim, this amazing Creator is. He never wastes an experience. Although in the dark for 9 days, without heat, means of cooking in my home, limited access to telephone, social media, I realized that God was “working” His plan. He had provided an immediate platform for a prolonged pause, and an occasion for story telling, great laughter interspersed with family quiet time. All the distractors were removed in an instant and God seemed to be making it real clear that joy, true joy, is not defined by all these externals. It’s deep within – that knowing that “I am Your Creator, I’ll never leave nor forsake you and I’m with you right now, in the dark, in the cold and, yes, you are able to rejoice because you know that it’s all part of my plan and I SHALL bring you through!”


Hurricane Sandy reinforced that God, our Sovereign Creator, is in control, every moment, every day and no one else is qualified to do His job, better! We can stop worrying and trust our amazing Designer. Enjoy all that He offers! Let’s do it, today!

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