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(Excerpt from: Out of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated by God)

Abba, Father, I magnify Your wonderful Name. When I consider You and the love You “shower” upon me, I want to do more than say “Abba!” Let Your life touch every atom in my body and infuse them with Your life, rejuvenating and making new.

When I let the words “Abba/Papa” roll off my tongue, I feel Your love suffusing my entire being. A love, which bubbles over so that I must pass it on. I must share it with my brothers, sisters, friends, the poor, the wealthy, the proud, the humble, the persecuted, those seeking answers and even with strangers. Abba, this sharing of Your love must be more than a verbal testimony. Let it be so visible, so tangible that all to whom You lead me, would themselves come face-to-face and heart-to-heart with Your awesome love. They must feel it emanating through this temple You have chosen to inhabit….

Please check out the book “Out Of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated By God,” if you desire to read more.

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