Let Your Fire Fall!

Posted on by Joy

Please enjoy this excerpt from: Out Of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated By God

My Wonderful God, Savior and Friend, my burning desire is to know You, experientially. Teach me how. I do not want to live in a static or stagnant mode. I want to pursue You with everything within me and to be branded radical, a fool for God, and a bond servant to You, the One Who loves me so intensely. Like holy fire fell on the disciples in the Upper Room, let Your fire fall upon me. Revolutionize my life. I want a fiery heart, one that is always ablaze, carrying Your Presence and changing the atmosphere. I want to see fires break out and lives changed, wherever You send me. Through fire baptized disciples of the first century, heaven invaded earth! It was evident that the Kingdom of God had come. My God, please use my life in the same manner. In all that I think, say and do, let it be a powerful heaven invasion, rupturing the status quo and healing people, setting them free – bringing life where there is death; light where there is darkness; fullness where emptiness once reigned. Let Your anointing flow in such measures that demons have to flee instantaneously. My life belongs to You, my Master and my King. Use it up! I want no wastage. Let me be spent on You, doing Your business and seeing an awesome expansion of Your Kingdom. Here I am, Lord. Fill me! Send me! Use me! Let Your fire fall!

How we need the fire of God to fall upon us, today. There is an urgency, as darkness continues to proliferate. Let’s not stop praying for that Holy Ghost fire to fall upon us, the Church! There is work to be done!

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