Stop Worrying!

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Isa 40:28 “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; His understanding is unsearchable.” (ESV)

Let’s consider the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy and many in North Eastern USA still reeling from its effects. Faith tells me the verse above is God’s Word and because it is the Word of God, it is absolutely true! This means that God, the everlasting God, the awesome Creator is in control, at all times! He did not create then set His creation aside to immerse Himself in more important business, which rules out any imaginable recess period(s). No, He cares about each one of us and delights in being involved in every aspect of our lives. It helps to remember that God, our Creator, never slumbers. He never grows weary. He is Omniscient and doesn’t want us to expend energy “figuring” out our lives, wasting days, years, even decades trying to find explanations for adversities or difficulties we encounter along life’s journey. We have to trust our Maker, Who knows everything about our design and what would bring about optimum results as we operate. When a product fails to function according to its design, we contact the Maker/ Designer/Creator for the fix. It’s no different for humans – straight to the Creator we should run and let Him do what it pleases Him to do. For example:

  1. Provide Peace – Who am I to question the Creator when things happen that I cannot understand or explain? Why give in to agitation and bitterness? I must rest in knowing that He has created, He controls and every single moment of the day, His glorious plan is unfolding.
  2. Provide Comfort – Amidst every difficulty, God is able to make His Presence felt. Oftentimes we are so busy worrying and “stressing” about tomorrow, we miss His Presence entirely and we fail to receive His comfort. So, pause today and enjoy God’s Presence and comfort. He’ll wipe your tears away and strengthen you, even as He comforts.
  3. Bring joy from pain – I’ve tasted and seen over and over again, how purposeful Elohim, this amazing Creator is. He never wastes an experience. Although in the dark for 9 days, without heat, means of cooking in my home, limited access to telephone, social media, I realized that God was “working” His plan. He had provided an immediate platform for a prolonged pause, and an occasion for story telling, great laughter interspersed with family quiet time. All the distractors were removed in an instant and God seemed to be making it real clear that joy, true joy, is not defined by all these externals. It’s deep within – that knowing that “I am Your Creator, I’ll never leave nor forsake you and I’m with you right now, in the dark, in the cold and, yes, you are able to rejoice because you know that it’s all part of my plan and I SHALL bring you through!”


Hurricane Sandy reinforced that God, our Sovereign Creator, is in control, every moment, every day and no one else is qualified to do His job, better! We can stop worrying and trust our amazing Designer. Enjoy all that He offers! Let’s do it, today!

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