Turn My Captivity (fr. Ps 126)

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There are times when you may feel that you have been sowing, watering your seed with copious tears, and you have not yet moved into your reaping season. The poem below, Turn My Captivity, is posted to ecourage you. As you look to your God and continue sowing, believing Him every step of the way, you will see divine turn arounds. Remember, as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our God is faithful and has never broken one covenant!  

Turn My Captivity

Turn my captivity, O Lord –  

Turn it to songs of joy and laughter.

You are my Defender, my Peace,  

my Everything.  

You are very present in the midst of every storm.

I stand, today, knowing that I am not alone.

You are with me, accomplishing amazing things

on my behalf!

So, I rest… I simply rest,

and I wait  with total confidence in You,  

with inexhaustible, overflowing hope.

You have said, “the battle is Mine!”

You have demonstrated over and over again:

how much You love me,            

how You never tire of rejoicing over me,

how jealous You are over me.          

So, today, I lay down every need –  

Expecting Your faithfulness,          

Expecting Your abundant supply,        

Expecting Your timely response, to      

Every situation, every person, every decision,

I encounter.

Thank You for every divine turn-around,

My Father and My God!  

I expect every invisible chain or yoke to fly loose

in my life,                              

I expect the exceeding abundantly above all I can

think and ask,

to invade and totally permeate, every area of my life

I celebrate You, Lord…

Knowing that I cannot and shall not be disappointed!


A blessed Christmas to you all!!! :-)

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