Work In Me

Posted on by Joy

Enjoy this excerpt from the book: Out of Solitude-Passion! A Heart Captivated By God

My God, I need You to uproot, to break up the clod, preparing my heart for all the seed You desire to sow.

As I wait in Your Presence, let the fallow ground be broken up, let every toxic thing be removed. Every man-made structure – whether defensive or offensive, demolish them, Lord!

By Your hand only, let my innermost parts be fashioned. Rip out every vestige of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, rage, strife, violence, gossip, slander and fear. Let these not find a lodging place within me!

Lord, I am Your temple, set apart for Your use. You must be comfortable, here. Remove all that grieves You and bring forth a clean, holy vessel – one who honors You, in every way!


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