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You may be asking, “How do I keep my devotional times fresh?” My response is to have your heart captivated by God. This book Out of Solitude – Passion! A Heart Captivated by God is aimed to help position your heart for such captivation.

Out of Solitude – Passion! is a devotional book and each piece is born out of my  quiet times with the Lord, spanning an eighteen year period. Some are based on ruminating over portions of Scripture. Others are sparked by thinking about God’s Person, and His attributes. As I wait, speaking to God and enjoying His Presence, there is a divine exchange. God captivates my heart and reveals Himself in such a way, that love for Him and sheer passion erupt and flow from my heart. This passion keeps my times with God fiery and has helped to transform my life through the years. Walking with God has been refreshing, dynamic, full of joy and passion. My prayer is that each devotional piece in this book will help to remove veils or hindrances, causing you to “see” God in a fresh way. As you sit with your Bible and this book, I want you to be drawn into a glorious encounter with the One Who loves you extravagantly. He will captivate your heart, filling it with unbridled love and passion!

Reviews from those who have read this book include “an anointed shot of prayer power; evokes a deeper passion for God and His love for me; compels me to worship; the words on each page flowed like a direct channel from God Himself…..”

Enjoy the Video Clip (excerpt from one of the devotional pieces) below:


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