Devotional Corner

Bring your Bible and your heart. Let’s enter in and simply enjoy God…

Jesus – the Living Water: Jesus, You are my Living Water. Open my eyes and my heart to see what this really means! Teach me to run to You and drink, every single day. You are everything I need. You satisfy!! I thirst today and come running like a thirsty deer. As I drink, hold me in You arms, quelling every anxiety, fear and doubt. Help me even now to be absolutely still and know that You are God and my Living Water, Who never runs dry. I feel Your peace sweeping over me, Your joy filling my heart, as I drink and rest in Your comforting and glorious Presence, enjoying You! I love You so much, my God, my Lord…my Living Water!

“The Cry of My Heart:
My God, My Savior and precious Lord, I bless Your Name because You are worthy. It is You Who made all things, visible and invisible. You reign supreme. You have created me and have never left me alone. What an awesome God I serve. You have so much in Your grasp, yet, You are concerned about the most minute details in my life.

You are that Father Who knows when I hurt. You put me on Your knee and cuddle me, giving me comfort, peace and joy. In Your arms Daddy, I have found release, relief and restoration. Nothing else matters when I am wrapped in Your arms. That is why my desire, the intense longing of my heart, is to spend all of eternity in Your Presence. God, help me never to walk away from your Presence, not even one step away from You. I want to feel Your Presence surrounding me, blotting out all other contrary desires. Let me dwell in Your Presence and enjoy You, all the days of my life.”
Excerpt from devotional book: Out of Solitude – Passion!

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