Designed for Success

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It’s so good to know that man was designed for success! We really are! The problem is that many have died without realizing that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, and made to succeed. In order to see this intricate design in action, we have to stop behaving as if we are responsible for the design. I wear shoes, but I’m no shoemaker! I love my watch, but I certainly did not design it. I was looking at man’s circulatory system being explained in great detail, two weeks ago. I stood in awe!!! Which human being could design just that one system, operating even as I type these words? How then can I pretend to understand and take control of this glorious, complex, intricate design called: MY LIFE? Yet, we do so all the time. It tends to be our default, this taking ownership and living as if we have all the answers.

When we stop striving and stressing in our vain attempts to determine the course of our lives, relying on limited knowledge and abilities, we often feel powerless. This is the point where many settle for discouragement, depression, frustration, bitterness, and a plethora of negative speech and behavior. It felt as if everything we knew and in which we trusted, everything which had contributed to varying degrees of success in our life, was capsizing. The bottom was falling out, or so it felt! Things as you knew them, were changing and this faster than you could comprehend.

I remember this time so well in my life. It was a little more than twenty years ago. I had spent lots of time learning the language of Corporate America. I was a good student and knew how to apply knowledge. I did so, effortlessly! It was admired by my many. You see, in this environment, success meant (in addition to expertise in one’s skill sets) confidence, cloistered pride and the right balance of “selfishness”! I became quite familiar with these requirements and executed well, with rave reviews, until God came calling!!!


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