The overarching theme of the program, Hearts Ablaze Corner, is the encouraging of listeners to live the optimal, fulfilling life. God has called us all to be powerful warriors, undaunted by the roarings of the enemy. On Hearts Ablaze Corner, we will talk about what is required to be on the winning side, how we must fight the battle every day with heavenly wisdom, anointing and power, relying on the grace of God. Together, we will grow in grace and the knowledge of God. We will learn how to fight strategically, how to fight fearlessly and how to contend in prayer…seeing glorious results. Intercession will become as critical as breathing to you. You will see its transformational effect on every area of your life. As you engage in purposeful warfare, your life will display the irrefutable correlation between warfare and victory; between warfare and freedom; between warfare and the restoration of all that was taken from you and those in your sphere of influence, and, ultimately, between warfare and the abundant, fulfilling life. Spiritual warfare will take on new meaning to you! Rather than shun or run from it….you will embrace it with boldness. Your condition will come into glorious alignment with your position in Christ Jesus…..

See what it means to be seated in Christ Jesus and shake seasons of failure and frustration entirely loose from your life – join us on us on  iTUNES or on STITCHER Radio….

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Giant Slayers – Part 1:


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