Hearts Ablaze Ministry offers monthly conferences/seminars, which include worship, intercession, ministry of the Word and personal ministry. These are planned with you in mind and are structured to both reignite and set participants ablaze. Please contact us for information on upcoming conferences/seminars.


We provide the ingredients, which allow you to come aside from the hustle and bustle of life to enjoy the passionate, pursuit of God. We create an atmosphere which ushers you into powerful, transformational encounters with your Creator. The unbridled worship, extended time of intercession, ministry of the Word and personal ministry, all work together, to not only stir the fire within your heart, but also to intensify it. You’ll experience breakthroughs and leave with tools to help you enjoy the liberty that Christ and Him Crucified, has made available to you. If you’re desperate for change in your life, feeling tired or worn-out, come join us. All we ask is that you bring a heart that is hungry for God, a heart that takes God at His Word!


Liberation techniques, which are geared towards identifying, understanding and confronting hindrances to an optimal life, are also offered. We have made provisions for emotional healing and the necessary follow-up to help ensure that wholeness is attained and appropriately maintained. This is intended to assist you to live a truly liberated and victorious life! You may review the indicators or ask yourself some of the following questions to determine if you are being hindered from living the life God intends…..

Have you ever wondered why it is such a struggle to live a victorious life? Have you made numerous resolutions to change your attitude or behavior, gritted your teeth, tried with all your strength to execute, and still found yourself falling short of the mark? Perhaps, you have identified some destructive patterns in your family line and you live with a constant fear that these patterns will be manifested in your life? Has depression immobilized you, where rising from your bed to perform your daily tasks is an ongoing struggle? You may be feeling that you are losing the battle and even prescription drugs can not alleviate the pain or torment! Have you engaged in an activity, which months, years or decades later leaves you with unbearable and burdensome shame, guilt, and condemnation? You just don’t seem able to forgive yourself! Maybe you have been the victim of abuse or experienced severe trauma, even dating back to your childhood. You may even be unsuspecting participants, hindering yourselves from reaching your full potential. Many of the things you overlook, such as alliances or soul-ties, your spoken words, may have devastating results in your lives and those of others. For example, physical ailments may very well be the results of your words, or those of others spoken over us. Please contact us if you need more information or would like to speak with a service provider.

On Line Meetings

Join our on line devotions, available:
a) the first and third Monday each month, between 8 and 9 pm, or
b) the first and third Wednesday each month, between 5 and 6 am.
This offers a dynamic time of praise, prayer, and seeking ….. simply enjoying God’s Person and His Word, as we participate in an effortless, life giving and rewarding God ecounter. We will be refreshed and renewed as we put our hunger and thirst for Him on display and press in.

We also offer weekly group discussion meetings, from 12 noon to 1 pm, each Thursday. These discussions are thematic, including such topics as Sickness & Disease, and Poverty. Tools will be provided to help you understand root causes, the tactics of the enemy and to equip you to stand against the onslaughts of the enemy of your soul. Each meeting will close with instructive warfare prayer.

Consultative – Start-Up and Initial Support of Intercessory Ministry

Hearts Ablaze Ministry LLC provides consultative services to churches and prayer leaders, launching or revitalizing their intercessory ministry. This includes theoretical and practical training, based on the needs of the local assembly.

Our Services also include:

  • Phone consultations to determine suitability
  • Service providers who are filled with love and compassion
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

Who Can Benefit ?

Functioning as a para-church organization, Hearts Ablaze Ministry LLC is a non-denominational ministry, with the primary purpose of setting hearts ablaze for God. We also provide participants with the tools to maintain this fire. At our retreats, worship, passionate, anointed ministry and those who welcome you with effusive warmth and kindness are all mixed together, to offer a life changing experience …. reigniting and setting you thoroughly ablaze. Our conferences and seminars are conducted by those who are not only knowledgeable in God’s Word, but also carry His presence in a palpable way. The teachers, worshipers and all those providing personal ministry and/or intercessory consultation or training, are themselves on fire! Through our years of operation, it has become quite clear that this is the greatest qualifier for being used by God…… ministers of God who are themselves ministry, in other words, ministry that is on fire!